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Wood & Leather Care

Hanna’s Bees natural, toxin free wood & furniture polish and leather conditioner are especially developed for homes with children or pets, and for people sensitive to allergens. To keep our products natural, we do not use additives or scents when we make them. We use organic ingredients where possible to ensure that our products are safe and kind to the environment. Because they are toxin free, our wood polishes and leather conditioners are great to use in the kitchen or in places where it will come into contact with food or skin.

Our wood and leather care products are created with pure beeswax as their main ingredient. We keep native Irish Honeybees and produce our own beeswax which is 100% natural. Because of this our beeswax is local, sustainable and eco-friendly. Our beeswax also smells great and has waterproofing qualities. It also has anti-fungal and antibacterial properties.

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