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Honey Gift – Small Giftset


Elevate your gifting with our exquisite Honey Gift Set—a jar of our beloved Raw Irish Wildflower Honey, paired with a wooden honey drizzler and a bespoke Irish Beeswax candle.

Beautifully presented in a fully recyclable box, it’s ideal for the discerning and eco-conscious – a token of refined taste and thoughtful living. A perfect choice for those who appreciate nature’s finest.


Our Honey Gift Set, is an exquisite ensemble curated for those who appreciate the finer nuances of raw Irish honey. Nestled within this thoughtfully designed, fully recyclable gift box are natural treasures that transcend the ordinary, making it an ideal choice for the discerning and eco-conscious connoisseur.

The Crown Jewel: Raw Irish Wildflower Honey

Crafted meticulously by our own honeybees, this wildflower honey captures the essence of Ireland’s diverse landscape. The bees diligently gather nectar from an array of blossoms, including blackberry, dandelion, white clover, linden blossom, thistle, and fuchsia, resulting in a unique blend that varies subtly with each batch.

Taste and Aroma

At Hanna’s Bees, we take pride in producing small batches of exquisite honey. Our Wildflower Honey boasts a golden hue and a rounded floral taste and aroma. Its soft, runny consistency makes it a delightful addition to breakfast, elevating porridge, yoghurt, or overnight oats to new heights. Furthermore, its versatility shines through when drizzled over pancakes, fresh fruit, or enjoyed in tea and coffee. The epitome of flavour and adaptability, it remains our most sought-after honey.

Crystallisation and Storage

Nature’s gift, pure raw Irish honey, will naturally crystallise. The speed of crystallisation depends on the floral origins and storage conditions. Embrace the crystallised texture, as it retains all the inherent goodness. For those who prefer clear honey, a gentle warming in a bowl of hot water and a delicate stir will restore its clarity. Store at room temperature or freeze to postpone crystallisation, ensuring the honey retains its pristine quality.

A Symphony of Sustainable Elegance

Complementing this golden honey are a handcrafted wooden honey drizzler and a bespoke Irish beeswax beehive candle. The drizzler is the perfect tool for enjoying our wildflower honey. The handmade Irish beeswax candle, an ode to our Native honeybee, adds a warm, homely glow to any setting.

By choosing our Honey Gift Set, you not only gift a palate-pleasing experience but also support a small local Irish business and contribute to the protection of the native Irish honeybee. It’s a testament to your commitment to thoughtful, sustainable living—a gift that truly cares.

Indulge in the purity of Guaranteed Pure Irish Honey—a token of nature’s finest, presented with the sophistication and eco-conscious elegance befitting your discerning taste.

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