Pair of Beeswax Blocks


Contains 100% pure Irish beeswax.

Pure beeswax is a premium product made by honeybees to store their honey in the hive. Our beeswax is 100 % natural and made from a renewable source which makes it sustainable and eco-friendly. The wax has been filtered to remove impurities but has not been treated in any way and is chemical free. Beeswax has anti-fungal and antibacterial properties.

Beeswax has many uses. It makes the most beautiful candles and is also a common ingredient in everyday items such as cosmetics and grooming products, soaps, pharmaceuticals, food, arts and crafts, musical instruments, and their maintenance, woodcare and leather care products.

Pure beeswax may develop a film, or bloom, which can easily be removed by buffing with a soft cloth.


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