Leather Conditioner


Size 100ml

Contains pure Irish beeswax, organic jojoba oil, carnauba wax, cocoa butter, and lanolin.
Comes in a wide-mouthed aluminum screw top tin.

Our leather conditioner lubricates leather, protects the surface from stains and enhances the patina of the leather as it ages. We use only five ingredients, all natural, and each selected for their unique properties. Beeswax will help protect the leather, organic jojoba oil makes it smooth and soft, carnauba wax will give shine and protect, cocoa butter will help keep the leather soft, and lanolin provides elasticity and adds another water repellent layer to the wax. Use on all types of leather including shoes, clothing, furniture, bags, and belts.


To use, ensure that the leather is clean, dry and dust free. Using a lint-free cloth, scoop up a small amount of conditioner. Spot test the conditioner in an inconspicuous place on the item to make sure that you are happy with the finish on that type of leather. Using a circular motion, rub the conditioner into the entire piece. (If doing a spot at a time, the finish can become patchy due to uneven absorption.) After application, gently buff the surface with a clean, soft, lint-free cloth. Reapply as needed. Use regularly on heavily used items to create a protective barrier against dirt and water and to hide scratches.

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