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Ivy honey is quite unique and made by bees from the nectar of autumn-flowering ivy. At a time of year little else is flowering, the ivy provides valuable pollen and nectar for honeybees and other bees. At a time of the year when little else is flowering in hedgerows and gardens, ivy provides valuable pollen and nectar for honeybees and other bees. Most years, they will make a lot of ivy honey, allowing us to harvest some of this very distinctly strong and somewhat spicy honey. Ivy honey on its own is quite strong, so we mix ours with a small amount of rapeseed and spring honey to create a sweet yet spicy caramel-flavoured honey. It is then soft set to give it a wonderfully smooth texture, allowing the flavours to blend in your mouth as the honey melts.

Our ivy honey is best eaten as it is, on toast or homemade bread, a dollop added to hot porridge and allowed to melt slightly, or just a spoonful straight from the jar. A spoonful of raw ivy honey is also a great tonic for sore and itchy throats.

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This ivy honey is pure raw Irish honey from our own honeybees.

Soft set honey gets its smooth texture from the minute crystals that form as the honey sets. Kept at room temperature, the honey is spreadable, and if kept in the fridge it hardens to a chewy, toffee-like consistency. It is an ideal honey for children as it does not drip!

Raw honey should not be given to infants under 12 months.

Guaranteed pure Irish honey

Weight: 227g

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