Beeswax Wood Polish


Contains Pure Irish Beeswax and organic Jojoba oil.

Comes in a wide mouthed aluminum screw top tin.

Our beeswax wood polish brings out the natural warmth in wood while repelling dirt and water to keep your wood looking and feeling beautiful. Natural beeswax polish works great on all types of oiled, waxed, or unfinished wood. It can be used on wooden countertops, chopping boards, wooden toys, and wood furniture etc. Beeswax not only smells great but it is natural and eco-friendly so you can use it safely in your kitchen or on items that will be in contact with food or skin. Many other commercial woodcare products contain silicone and solvents. By using a polish with a beeswax base, you avoid the use of unnecessary chemicals in your home.



Apply to a clean, dry surface with a cloth. Rub it in and leave to absorb for up to an hour. Rub in or wipe off any excess wax and buff with a lint-free cloth if you want more shine. Use regularly on heavily used items to create a protective barrier against spills and water rings and to hide scratches. Our wood polish can also be used as a leather cleaner and conditioner. Just rub a small amount onto leather, leave to be absorbed, wipe off the excess and buff to a gentle shine.

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