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Hanna’s Bees corporate gifting service offer gifts with a meaning: sustainable, natural and eco-friendly products handmade in Ireland from Irish materials. It is the perfect way for you to treat your employees, clients, visitors, customers and business associates, while showing that your company care for our environment and biodiversity.

Guaranteed Irish

Produced in
Ireland using local materials

Proven reliable
& professional

Sustainable & environmentally friendly

At Hanna’s Bees, we work with large, medium and small companies to tailor corporate gifts to your budget and gifting needs. If you are looking for ten hampers jam packed with our best-selling honey and beeswax products, a thousand beeswax wraps for a mail campaign, pure beeswax candles for Christmas hampers or pollinator friendly seeds for your employees for Earth Day, we’ve got you covered!

By sourcing your corporate gifts from Hanna’s Bees you show that you are a conscious business concerned not only with the welfare of your employees, clients and business partners, but also that you care about our shared environment, biodiversity and want to support the protection of the threatened Native Irish Honeybee. By choosing to gift greener, you may also help reach your corporation’s own sustainability and social responsibility targets! A win-win-win for all parties!

Among our growing list of past and present corporate clients are Apple computers, Jansen Pharmaceuticals, ComReg, DigiTally and Airbnb.

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