• Nutty Honey Roasted Granola

    Homemade Nutty Honey roasted granola recipe packed with nuts and seeds and added cinnamon to intensify the flavour. No added sugar muesli.

  • Softset Honey

    Soft set honey – what is it and how is it made?

    It is often said that the Irish prefer clear, runny honey, and while this may be true, many of us foreigners prefer granulated or soft set honey. It might be a cultural thing, influenced by the type of forage available and the cuisine of different parts of the world, but there is definitely a growing taste for ‘different’ honey here, including soft set honey be it multi- or monofloral.

  • Beekeeper’s Salve recipe

    Simple 1:1:1 Beekeeper’s Salve recipe

    I love beeswax. I love the smell as it melts and burns, the different colours, how it feels to touch and on the skin. I love it for its waterproofing qualities and for its antibacterial and anti-fungal properties. But most of all I just love it because it is pure, it is natural, and I know exactly where it comes from: my very own honeybees.

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