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  • Bee on Pollen

    Pollen – benefits for bees & humans

    Pollen is an extremely important part of honeybee nutrition and provides bees with proteins, vitamins, lipids, and minerals. The protein in pollen makes up most of the protein consumed by the bees and the many amino acids therein are vital for numerous functions in the bees’ bodies. The amino acids are classified into two groups: …

  • Honeycomb

    Fake honey

    There is a lot of talk about fake honey and adulteration of honey. And for good reasons too. Honey is one of the most faked foods in the world, often making it to the top ten of the common food fraud lists. You will find reports about fake imported ‘honey’ made up from syrup with added colourants and hear about honeybees kept in enclosed environments and fed syrup to invert into honey.

  • Beekeeper’s Salve recipe

    Simple 1:1:1 Beekeeper’s Salve recipe

    I love beeswax. I love the smell as it melts and burns, the different colours, how it feels to touch and on the skin. I love it for its waterproofing qualities and for its antibacterial and anti-fungal properties. But most of all I just love it because it is pure, it is natural, and I know exactly where it comes from: my very own honeybees.

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