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Hot off the Press: Hot Honey Now Available!

Our Hot Honey is a deliciously sweet and spicy mix of raw wildflower honey, Kashmiri chillies, Irish apple cider vinegar and Irish sea salt. Perfect for BBQ’s, salads and drizzled on pizza! This batch is nearly sold out so make sure to get yours now. 

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Experience the health benefits of pure beeswax candles—creating a warm glow while purifying the air.

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Indulge in the exquisite aromas & flavours of Raw Irish Honey, carefully crafted by native Irish honeybees.

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Curious much? Explore my blog - a haven for inquisitive minds, beekeepers & non-beekeepers alike.

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— Nourishing You, Nurturing Earth —

At Hanna’s Bees, we lovingly make pure & healthy Irish Honey and Beeswax products that encapsulate the natural healing powers of bees. Our award-winning, hand crafted, toxin-free range is created especially for busy families with young children and pets, and for people sensitive to allergens, offering natural & locally produced alternatives without compromising on quality or style.

Our mission is to make it easier for you and your loved ones to make more sustainable everyday choices, enjoy a healthier life and help protect our endangered native Irish honeybee.

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— Our Favourite Seasonal Recipes —

ramson wild garlic pesto

Wild ramson is a mild garlic flavoured spring vegetable, growing wild in woodland and in some gardens. Picked early in the season, the tender young leaves are a perfect ingredient in a fresh, low-airmile, seasonal ramson pesto. Ramson Pesto is delicious with pasta and egg dishes.

Scandinavian Rhubarb Pudding with Honey

It’s rhubarb season again and it’s time to indulge! If you’re a fan of rhubarb, you’ll love this Scandinavian Rhubarb Pudding. It’s a unique rhubarb recipe where the tartness of rhubarb meets a delicious sugary crust.

— Trending Blogs —

cleaned beehive frames airing

Cleaning Beehive Frames and Equipment

Clean frames and comb are nicer to use than old, dirty ones. But that is not the reason we should endeavour to keep our frames clean and the comb fresh. Both frames and comb, as well as other hive equipment, can harbour a wide range of organisms known to negatively impact honeybees.

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Wasp Nests – To Remove or Not to Remove?

In this blog we deep dive into wasps and their lifecycles and nests. Read on for all you need to know about wasps, how they live, how to determine if a nest should be removed or not, and how to remove a wasp nest safely.

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How to Render Beeswax

Processing beeswax is quite simple and reasonably straightforward. But only as long as you follow certain guidelines and resign yourself to the fact that it is nearly always a bit messy and there will be a good deal of waste. 

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Hanna & Julius

Hi! I’m Hanna. For nearly a decade, I’ve found inspiration in the world of bees and beekeeping. Originally from Sweden, Cork is now my home, where I’ve dedicated myself to these incredible creatures and my work as a bee advocate.

My journey began with a simple desire to aid pollination in my garden, but it quickly transformed into a deep connection with the healing powers of bees. Through their honey, beeswax, and propolis, I’ve discovered a world of natural remedies and products that nurture both body and soul, and are kind to the Earth.

Beekeeping is my calling. As I tend to my buzzing companions, often in the company of my son, we are also playing our part in preserving the environment. Our Native Irish Honeybees contribute to the delicate balance of nature, reminding us of the profound impact we can make when we harmonize with the world around us.

I’m honoured to share this journey with you as we continue to explore the wonders of bees and their nurturing powers.


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— The Beehive Bulletin —

Hay fever and Honey: A Natural Remedy?

Many of my customers ask me about honey and hay fever. they often say they have heard that you should eat local honey to help alleviate hayfever symptoms. Is there any truth in this or is it just an old wife’s tale? Well, to be perfectly honest, it’s a bit more complicated than a simple yes or no. So, let’s take a nose dive, (pardon the pun…), and explore the subject of honey and seasonal allergies a bit more in depth…

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Why do Bees Swarm?

When bees swarm they don’t all leave the hive. Instead, they split the colony into two or more groups, and one will remain in the hive: it is a way not just to find a new location, they do it to make more colonies and keep the species alive.

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Why are Bees Attracted to Swimming Pools?

If you have an outdoor swimming pool, chances are you often find bees in it, either dead, or barely alive struggling on the surface of the water. They may be a nuisance to you or your family, buzzing around as you’re enjoying a swim. There might even be other water sources nearby, but it is your pool that seems the most attractive option for bees looking for water. Let’s explore why this is…

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How to get your bees to draw comb

How to Get Your Bees to Draw Comb

Drawn comb is gold dust to beekeepers. Frustratingly, it is sometimes as difficult to obtain as it is valuable. In this extensive article, originally published in the Irish Beekeeper’s Magazine, An Beachaire, we will look at comb and discuss how best to get the bees to build it.

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Layering in honey Separating

Why does some Honey Separate into layers?

Did you ever have honey that separated in the jar and formed two distinct layers? One lighter, solid layer at the bottom, and a darker, liquid layer at the top? If you did, chances are you wondered what was going on and if the honey was still ok to eat…

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Is there a King Bee?

Is There a King Bee?

For centuries, humans have been intrigued by the intricate social structure of bee colonies. Ancient scholars hypothesized that the largest bee in the hive held a leadership role. However, their understanding was coloured by societal biases, leading them to assume that these bees were kings…

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about our honeybees

Honeybees are amazing!​

Not only do they make honey and beeswax, but they are also utterly captivating little creatures and wonderful to work with.

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About Our Business

Hanna’s Bees is run by Hanna Bäckmo, a Cork-based beekeeper with a relentless passion for edible gardening, nature, and sustainability.

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