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Handcrafted Irish honeybee products. Especially created for your everyday luxury and sustainable lifestyle.

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If you are thinking of buying Christmas gifts, I have lots of goodies in store. All are available for shipping or pick up. Last shipping date for all-Ireland delivery before Christmas is 21 December. Please order before midnight on Tuesday 20 December to ensure pre-Christmas delivery. Last orders for pick up from Little Island, Cork, is 23 December. Thank you, merry Christmas and happy shopping!

Hanna Bäckmo 

— Our Product Range —

All our products are carefully handmade in Cork, Ireland, using only natural, eco-friendly ingredients. We keep Native Irish honeybees in our apiaries. From our hives we get the most exquisite raw honey, as well as beeswax and propolis for our extensive range of honeybee products. Our products are free from toxins, additives, and artificial scents. They are especially designed for use in homes where there are children and pets, and for people sensitive to allergens.

— Featured Products —

Honeybees are amazing!

Not only do they make honey and beeswax, but they are also utterly captivating little creatures and wonderful to work with.

Read more about our bees.

My Story

I have the best job in the world! This thought runs through my head every single time I put on my bee suit, and it makes me feel incredibly lucky and happy. After nearly twenty years of designing and making wedding dresses, I took the plunge and became a full-time beekeeper. It has been a steep learning curve, not without complications and lots of hard work, but it’s a job so rewarding that I look forward to going out to work every single day.

About Our Business

Hanna’s Bees is run by Hanna Bäckmo, a Cork-based beekeeper with a relentless passion for edible gardening, nature, and sustainability.

A hive-to-home business, Hanna’s Bees has several apiaries in East and South Cork with 50 honeybee colonies producing honey, beeswax and propolis for our unique range of products.

------ News & Bee Posts ------

Beehive insulation, condensation and ventilation

In winter and spring you will often hear beekeepers talk about beehive insulation, condensation and ventilation, and the different ways in which a hive can be set up to deal with the issue of dampness in the hive. While many novice beekeepers worry about the cold, more experienced beekeepers know that it is the dampness that can cause real damage to a colony of bees in the winter. But why is this and how can we deal with it?

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Propagating lavender – easy way to grow your own lavender

The herb-garden way of propagating lavender is completely no-nonsense. It is also very successful and so easy that you can let the kiddos do it if you please. It is miles away from complicated selecting of plant material, sterilising secateurs, using rooting powder and heated rooting mats that you can read about if you google ‘Propagating lavender’ today. You can do it without any tools at all, and there are no pots required either! And very little, if any, mollycoddling of the little plant babies. It’s a win-win for the busy and cash strapped gardener!

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