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Honeybees are amazing!

Not only do they make honey and beeswax, but they are also utterly captivating little creatures and wonderful to work with.

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My Story

I have the best job in the world! This thought runs through my head every single time I put on my bee suit, and it makes me feel incredibly lucky and happy. After nearly twenty years of designing and making wedding dresses, I took the plunge and became a full-time beekeeper. It has been a steep learning curve, not without complications and lots of hard work, but it’s a job so rewarding that I look forward to going out to work every single day.

About Our Business

Hanna’s Bees is run by Hanna Bäckmo, a Cork-based beekeeper with a relentless passion for edible gardening, nature, and sustainability.

A hive-to-home business, Hanna’s Bees has several apiaries in East and South Cork with 50 honeybee colonies producing honey, beeswax and propolis for our unique range of products.

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Bee on Hammer

Beekeeping jobs February

February really is a great month for beekeeping! There is no stress, no pressure, yet the anticipation is building ahead of the first hive inspection

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Beeswax – how do bees make it?

Honeybees produce beeswax to provide storage for honey and pollen within the hive and to rear new bees. It is anti fungal and anti bacterial and has very many uses. Beeswax is a common ingredient in everyday items such as cosmetics and grooming products, soaps, pharmaceuticals, food, arts and crafts, musical instruments and their maintenance, woodcare and leather care products.

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Honey Refractometer – All you need to know

There are many honey refractometers available on the market, most are portable and easy to use. There are both analogue and digital instruments available, ranging in price from around twenty Euros to several hundred and even thousands for laboratory style pieces.

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cleaned beehive frames airing

Cleaning beehive frames and equipment

Clean frames and comb are nicer to use than old, dirty ones. But that is not the reason we should endeavour to keep our frames clean and the comb fresh. Both frames and comb, as well as other hive equipment, can harbour a wide range of organisms known to negatively impact honeybees.

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